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Marcel Pardo Ariza is a co-founder of Art Handlxrs*. They are a trans visual artist, curator, and art worker that explores the relationship of representation, intergenerational kinship, and queerness through constructed photographs, site-specific installations, and public programming. Their work is invested in creating long term interdisciplinary collaborations and opportunities that are  non-hierarchical, decentralized, and equitable. They have worked in the civic engagement department at YBCA and served on the Curatorial Council at Southern Exposure. Ariza is currently a lecturer at CCA and SFSU.

Ambrose Trataris is a co-founder of Art Handlxrs*. He is a queer non-binary conceptual artist, curator, and art worker based in the Bay Area. They use sculpture, installation, and movement to enact and perform embodied historical language and non-consensual social boundaries and meant to govern and dictate our identity, sense of worth, and communal relations. He is dedicated to creating partnerships with institutions to develop lasting changes for racial and social equity.

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